My name is Hadas Kol. I am the owner and the sole creator of June & Simple by Hadas Kol - A jewelry design studio in beautiful Davis, California.

While transitioning from a career of many years as an interior architect in Tel Aviv, my long lived passion for art, design and architecture led me to creating handcrafted jewelry. 

I started building our new home in California 12 years ago and a few years after that, my jewelry business.

Working with gold filled, gold plated brass, bronze and resin, I design my jewelry inspired by forms of nature and architecture. My collections show my love for simple shapes and natural elements such as gemstones and botanical features.

Like my architectural projects, my jewelry is modern, minimal, practical and elegant. All is handmade in small batches with a lot of care and love. 

My Wire collection is made with layers of free formed, handcrafted wire creating a dynamic yet minimalistic and architectural look. It is a clean and modern design, a one of a kind necklace that moves and changes with you.

My Resin collection focuses on the natural crushed stones which when mixed with resin makes a stunning, elegant and modern take on the classic use of these gemstones.